Sunday, 20 March 2016

I'm Back :D

Here I am again... I know.. It has been a while... probably more than a year.. I apologize for that.
But the important is that I’m here, now, present and grateful for the amazing life I’m living. I’m on a bus heading to Esperance, South West Australia. In my mind thoughts, memories, projects, ideas and loads of emotions. Short summary for what happened in the last year. After Thailand I spent the “summer” in Italy (March-November) working at my usual workplace “Gelateria di Castellina”, best gelato ever and best people ever.. If you happen to be around Siena you need to check it out! I know, i know... not totally vegan but many flavors actually are and the dark chocolate is simply amazing (especially the one with salted peanuts). And for me its a second family, during the years I worked there for 6 years maybe. So I spend a summer under the Sun of Tuscany saving money for travel to Australia. I arrived in Sydney in December, traveled to Melbourne, Perth and now Esperance. Detailed posts of the single experiences will follow shortly . Still if I get good WIFI...hahaha if there is one thing that doesn’t work here in Down Under its Internet. For the rest I love this huge country and its huge distances but the best thing so far are the chilled people and the vegan options everywhere.
I have been surprised from the first day that in small supermarkets you find veggie burgers, tofu and ready vegan meals; not that i am a fan but definitely it makes everything easier ;) Almost knows what vegan means and they don’t look strange at you like if you were an alien and the vegan communities are big, strong and active.
For my luck after few days in the Hostel i found a cheap single room in the city close to Hyde Park, sharing the flat with other two lovely vegetarian souls. Pretty funny because I didn’t know before and after few days living there Kathrin, my ex-flatmate, asked me: ‘Can I ask you something’ ‘Sure’ ‘Are you vegetarian?’ and me ‘mmhhh actually vegan’ trying to not appear totally crazy due I was used to peoples reaction around Europe... by my surprise she was really excited about it and confessed me she was thinking of going vegan too.. We had a short talk about it and I felt home. She isn’t totally vegan yet but I know you will do it girl! :D I spent 2 months in that house feeling home and I just realized that I never sent my chocolate cake recipes to my other flatmate, sorry Ants, they will come shortly
I met so many new friends and can’t be thankful enough for the great souls I meat trough Sydney Vegan Club. As I arrived on the 10th December my Christmas was prospecting to be pretty lonely. So I decided to participate to a random Vegan meeting at the beach, Beachmas, and was one of the best days ever. I had so much fun and made friends for life. Miss you guys soooo much.
I fell in love with Sydney, I explored the Northern Beaches, the Eastern Suburbs, Newtown, the Blue Mountains, the Royal National Park, the Botanical Gardens and much more... I worked in a Raw Vegan Restaurant close to Bondi Beach and ate the best Vegan Pizza ever at Gigi’s. I even tried to surf just discovering that I choose not really a beginners beach with not really beginners waves hahaha... it will take me a while to try again but I didn’t give up yet! I saw the popular Fireworks at New Years Eve from a really nice and quiet spot. If you ever happen to be in Sydney by that time of the year and wanna enjoy the fireworks out of the big crowd without paying a ticket then check out Duff Reserve between Double Bay and Rose Bay. I think its a great spot for a reading afternoon too, always wanted to check it out in daylight but haven’t had the chance yet.
I spent two amazing months in Sydney and I’m looking forward to meet all the people that made my stay so awesome soon again. I traveled to Melbourne in a van along the coast with two new friends but that definitely deserves a post on its own.
I promise this time the waiting will be much shorter
For now thanks for reading and still being here with me.
May all living beings be happy, healthy and free

Pictures will follow shortly ;)