Monday, 5 January 2015

My Vipassana Experience

It's 2015!!!! I think I will remember this New Year's Eve for the rest of my life :)… One word? Awesome!!!

I have to say that it was tuff and really hard especially the first days but I really think it could change my life, I kid you not!
Now… let's talk a bit more about Vipassana Meditation, it is actually the meditation technique diffused by Buddha. It is a really logical technique that aims to help you get out of misery, getting rid of cravings and aversions. We more or less all know that those two control most of our lifetime mood, we all know what means craving  for food, for spend time with certain people,for feelings, jobs, money, situations etc.. Or on the other hand feel aversion versus the just above mentioned.
Meditation Hall
Everything that we experience creates a bad mood (misery) sooner or later, if it is something pleasant we will crave for it and if it is unpleasant we will have aversion towards it.
Vipassana teaches us how to get out of misery, how to enjoy every single moment accepting it as it is and knowing that it will pass because nothing is permanent and everything is changing continuously. Whatever we experience is just matter of our mind so we need to learn how to control our mind, not only at the conscious level but also the unconscious one and here comes the difficult part, you were waiting for it weren't you?
For get out of misery we need to change our minds habit pattern (the pleasant/craving and unpleasant/aversion connection) and for doing that we need to understand it not only intellectually but also physically (experiencing it). It is like learning to swim, you can read thousands of books and watch hundreds video of swim techniques and lessons but if you never get into the water you won't know how to swim. Same thing with mind habitat pattern, you can read about it, studying and understanding it but you need your body to experience it for change the habit pattern of your mind. The 10 days full immersion course is required if it is your first experience in the practice, to get to know the technique properly and understand how to work with it. It is all about body awareness and learn how to accept the impermanent ness of each moment and sensation.
Nothing to do with Religion, Gods or Spirituality; only you and yourself in meditation!
I would recommend this experience to everybody, maybe not in India if you never been here and specially if you are not used to Indian Food ;) There were some single rooms and I got one probably because they knew that putting me in the dormitory could be too much, but don't expect that everywhere, most probabably you will share a room with others.
I personally was amazed by the food and breakfast was always a surprise, I'm in India since more than a month but i never had a traditional Indian Breakfast and probably I would never go to have one if I didn't make this course.
I wouldn't order a sticky Tapioca dish, rice flakes with cauliflower or Spongy coriander and coconut topped bread with a sweet chutney if I had the choice. Even the breakfast and the puffed rice at 5pm (last meal) were fully flavoured and full of the most incredible spices.
Each country has its own menu regarding the traditional food of the country itself but strictly vegetarian.
The beginning was really hard, specially sitting all those hours, for me the 4th day was the worse, they say much people get mad on the 2nd or 6th one... for everybody is different, but usually there is one day when you seriously think about packing your stuff and run away. Stay!!! Seriously!!! Whenever you decide the time has come to try it out and whenever it happens that your mind wants to leave and thinks  that it is not for you please stay!! Whatever you gain for those ten days, will be much more valuable than all the physical and mental suffering at the beginning.
I really wish that I will have enough discipline to carry on with the daily practice but already the feeling and the emotion you get at the end of the course repay you all the effort you will put into it!
If you would have more information or have any questions just comment below or write me personally at
I will be more than happy to share more of this amazing experience with you. You can also find much more information on the official website

I'm again on my way for the next adventure and hopefully I will be writing from the magic Hampi next time, stay connected and enjoy life!

May all beings be Happy and Peaceful!

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