Monday, 19 January 2015


Reading my Tripadvisor guide, trying to find out which island to visit, I came across popular Rock-Climbing places like Kho Phi Phi or Railay Beach.
I always wanted to climb so why not start in one of the most limestone cliffs ;)
I checked online different schools and reviews and opted for a 3 day course at Railay, on there website no experience was needed.. but definitely if you count on survive 3 days, I can tell you now, you supposed to be in a quite good shape! I was definitely not hahaha.
I booked a nice Hostel at Ao Nang Beach where the Pick-up/Drop-off service was included in the course fee. The only negative side was the Air condition really low all the time, I got a cold in Thailand coz of that… LOL
I reached Ao Nang in the afternoon and after a couple of hours on the beach I decided that finally the time has come for a Thai Massage :) I checked Tripadvisor and spotted a close good rated centre, a little bit hidden and it was perfect, the massage bed was with jungle view and the massage itself was awesome, can't believe I paid only 250Baht (5Euro) for it.
Wednesday was the first day of the course, they picked me up at the Hostel and brought me and the others aspirant climbers to the pier where we caught a Long tail boat to Railay.
Arrived to the "Climbers Office" we got our equipment and our lovely climbing shoes and divided in groups of four, each one with a own teacher, we reached the awesome "wall". In the meanwhile I discovered that I was the only one that booked 3 days and talking with people they already had some experience I realised that probably I was asking a bit too much from my self. By the way… what is done is done so let's climb! :)
The beginning was very tuff, and after the first route I really asked myself  what ever I was imagine while booking a three day course (probably I had too much money to spend). On the first day I climbed 7 different routes and belayed once. Almost at the end of the day I had a nice chat with my instructor and realised that I was asking too much from myself.. as usual.. not enjoying whatever I was doing. I was getting angry or frustrated when I couldn't find the right spot where to put my foot or my hand and doing so I would find less and less spots. Only being curious and enjoying whatever you're doing you will get the best out of it. I enjoyed the second day much more, and the first 30 metres high route gave me the adrenaline to afford the day forgetting how sore my muscles already were ;)
I couldn't afford a third day though and I exchanged it for a Snorkeling+Sunset Cruise with Night Swim. Probably something that I would never have booked in normal conditions. It was really nice, if you don't consider the fact to be with almost all couples, two of them in honeymoon, hahah. The night swim was amazing, I saw already the fluorescent plankton on the beach when i was in Egypt but see it in the water is magic. Basically you are still in deep water and everything is dark, as soon you move your arms or legs, the moved water becomes lighted, a thousands of little dots switch on and it feels like to be lost in the universe between stars. It was wonderful.
I wanted to spend my last days in south on an Island and I choose Ko Mook, so the day after I took a Minibus to Trang and then a Fairy reaching this Island at south of Ko Lanta. There were really nice snorkeling trips especially the Emerald Cave, but all of them where for minimum 2 and maximum 4 people. I started to ask if I could somehow enjoy another group but nobody knew if there were trips booked from other people so the only thing I could do (for not pay for two people) was asking around if somebody was thinking about doing it. Slowly i gave up, deciding that the following day would be better… I spent the following day in my room running between bed and toilet.. again.. I slowly get sick of it LOL.
And now is today, my last day in South. I asked again this morning if there were any trips booked but the guy at the reception could barely understand me, so I went to the beach hoping to be more lucky. Passing by the diving centre I decide to ask them and the girl explained me that I could reach the cave by swim or canoeing. Canoeing for almost an hour alone was pretending too much from me and I skipped it, swimming too, having eaten nothing the past day, but if I could rent some fins and mask I would definitely go for it. Full of enthusiasm I started to check out all the snorkeling stuff renting places and none had my size fins. Okay it's definitely not meant to be.
I'm taking it like a sign of destiny and a good reason to come back :) I rented a mask+snorkel and enjoyed some snorkeling close to the beach.
Tomorrow morning I will leave again and travel towards north Thailand because my Permaculture Design Course is about to start, so excited about it :D

May all Being be Happy


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