Monday, 12 January 2015

Bye Bye India

After almost a couple of months I have to say "Arrivederci!" to this never-ending-surprisingme-country. It has been a great time and I'm really happy about everything buuuut… Welcome Thailand!
India is full of everything, colours, spices, people, beautiful locations, history, cows, amazing beaches, dogs, but also traffic, rubbish, noise and local people, at most, see you as a cash dispenser. Everybody invites you to his shop, taxi, restaurant, hotel saying they get the best price and trying to squeeze out of you as much as they can. Of course non everybody is acting like this but I would say the majority and personally I found it a bit stressy.
35 Baht and a special twin banana included :)
On the other hand India teaches a lot, how to get rid of expectations, how to be happy just with what you have, how much material stuff is dominating us and how much you should appreciate more what you have at home, it is the mother of Yoga and the spreading of Vipassana Meditation, mentioning just two of many else.. And how to forget.. Indian Food… ohhh so yummi :D
Maybe as a revenge from the country I didn't digest well my last meal, I was already on the plane and i felt really bloating once reached Thailand. Anyway I took the train to centre Bangkok and then a Rickshaw to the Hostel for 60 Baht (the first one asked me 450 Baht (looks like new country same story..). Of course my room wasn't ready (It was 9am) and I had to wait till 2pm for the check-in. I left my luggage and went on exploring the city :)
After experiencing Mumbai and Bangalore I really liked Bangkok, it is still a city, noisy and with traffic, but also friendly and easy going, tough happy to leave tonight. There is people selling food everywhere and every two o tree stand you find one selling fresh fruits so as soon I felt better I bought some Jackfruit and I ate it straight away on my way back to the Hostel. Luckily I felt bad just after checking in and could rest on my bed for the whole afternoon, running time by time to the closest toilet. So glad I had decided to stay on night here :)
This morning I felt better, at least I could control my 'evacuations' so I decided to check out China Town leaving my luggage at the Hostel, due my bus is tonight at 8pm. I couldn't reach China town, feeling weak and dizzy I went to the closest Pier and took a Longboat back to the headquarter.
Sipping a nice strong lemongrass tea, I bought some bananas and some bread and I will be fine for today ;)  In a bit I will recover my Backpack, pass from a close Vegan Restaurant to get a Take Away Vegan Cake and then head to the Bus station.
Krabi I'm coming, looking forward for my Rock Climbing Course at Railey Beach :D

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