Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Journey continues...

I am writing live from Mumbai, after a 12 hours train journey and it went pretty well :)
I looked up for the trains just few days ago and it looked like there weren't any places left.. I discovered that due the high amount of last minute cancellations in India exists a Waiting List and I was the 18th, a friend of mine assured me that I will get the place (she got hers once when she was the 150th). Train booked, I had just to enjoy my last day on the beautiful beaches of south Goa, but the fun didn't last… Of course i had to get sick a day before leaving... lol… that is just sooo me!
I spend my last night on the toilet, luckily it was only my belly, stomach flu they call it ;). Actually feeling sick is the less worse between the other 'letting go' processes, especially when travelling.
I was feeling quiet okay, just weak and with nausea and I decided to travel anyway… didn't have that much choice… Bought some bananas and apples may I was feeling better on the train risking to eat something.
I shared the taxi with a friend, we dropped her at the airport and from here my Solo travel officially started, exciting :D
The taxi driver dropped me off at Madgaon Train Station, and after passing by few counters I got my place on the Night Train :) I had still a couple of hours before leaving and decided to chill out in the waiting room, here they have separated gender waiting rooms, really cool, and everywhere you can find a plug for charge your mobile.
Everybody here looks so disorganised but at the end everything is working perfectly, of course Indian Style, but there is always a solution (may it just need 'some' more time ;)), 'No Problem' is a must answer here.
My train arrived and I got my bed, I was actually looking forward to collapse, due the less sleep from the earlier night, but decided to watch a movie before (it was only 6pm) also to avoid to wake up at 3 or 4. My stomach was feeling better as well and I eat dinner with my lovely fruit friends.
Due the late booking I had the worse bed, the lower side one, it is the only one that is made of two side parts that connect once you disconnect them from the wall (transforming 2 opposite seats in a bed), in this way you will get a hard spot exactly where your hips supposed to lie. Luckily I'm small (sometimes it is useful) and I could manage to get confi, so confi that I slept trough the whole night, I just woke up a couple of times for the cold but I covered myself again and back to sleep… ronf… ronf…
They said the the trains usually are always late (2 hours or more), not mine, we arrived in Mumbai at 5:55 this morning, with only 5 minutes delay. I passed a couple of hours in the waiting room and just went out when the sun was up and here I am, having breakfast in a little coffee shop and catching opposites McDonalds WiFi ;)
Sadly I can't move that much, couldn't leave my backpack nowhere if it not locked (nobody takes the responsibility for my clothes ;)) but for lunch I will definitely check out a close Vegan Friendly restaurant called "Food for Thoughts" like the one in  Covent Garden, London, may they are connected :D
And this afternoon I will catch the next train to Khadvali where I will do my 10 days Vipassana Meditation. Vipassana is about separate pain from suffering, Pain exists and is not avoidable but Suffering is a human choice, the main aim is to recognise Pain, accept it and let it go, without suffering.
"Looking into something with clarity and precision, seeing each component as distinct and separate, and piercing all the way through so as to perceive the most fundamental reality of that thing" (description of Vipassana in the Sutta Pitaka).
It is all about yourself, 10 days where there is no space for chatting, talking, socialising, reading, exercising, the whole period is dedicated to yourself and your own meditation practice, basically you just sleep, meditate and eat. If you wish to know more about it and maybe take this challenge too you will get more info and places where to go on this website:
I decided to do it over Christmas and New Years Eve, I will pass the whole festivities with myself and will update you next year about it :)

For now this is it! Wish you all great Festivities 
and an amazing jump in the New Year!!

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