Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It is just overwhelming :)

Here I am… after the first whole week of Yoga TTC I am just over excited :) I have to say that it wasn't easy. I had such a muscle pain on the first days that i could barely do a complete Sun Salutation LOL…
And the heat in this place isn't really helping in a full Ashtanga series ;)
Slowly I get used to the high temperature and I landed straight in the excitement/nervousness of the last days of the week where we had actually our first teaching experience. It was just a one by one teaching and without judgement but still a first teaching experience in my second language… quite exciting though!
The teaching went well and as after all kind of 'exams' you can just smile about all the worries you had in first place, hopefully it will be like that on the final exam too!!
I really enjoy our Yoga Philosophy classes, our teacher is a young Indian guy that is completely devoted to the Holy Scriptures  and he is studying them carefully. At the beginning was really hard to follow him, for example for explain how to blow up a bicycle wheel he first talks about each spoke. Slowly you understand how much he knows and he really would love to share everything, so much love in this place.
Local food is just great! Everywhere you can get lovely vegan options and this morning I had an amazing scrambled tofu for breakfast after an awesome AcroYoga Class.
Everyday something new is going on and new information reach my head.
I'm in a part of India where there is probably less India then everywhere else (except big cities) but it is still overwhelming of how life is lived completely different from what we are used to.
Yesterday we had an amazing 'Sharing Circle Class', one of the questions that came up was: What did India let you understand about your life? How were you been influenced?
My first thought brought me to the kids I saw on the way here, playing with nothing, playing baseball with a handmade ball and bat, playing football without shoes, and lots more.
I'm already on the way of letting material stuff go but here I just had an overwhelming answer about how little you need in life… Yourself, that's it.. You don't need nothing more than yourself in your life because everything that matter is inside you! It sounds a bit like a cliche and maybe it is but it is sooo true and in this place you can really understand it. Everything can happen in every moment and here you understand that the awareness is essential. Awareness of who you are and where you are, full awareness of every moment, and be simply grateful for the amazing experience life is in itself.


  1. I'm reading and I immediately start dreaming to be with you... but reading you it's a little bit like to be there, so thank you for this post!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I will do my best for let you dream further!