Sunday, 21 December 2014

I'm a Yoga Teacheeeer!!! :D

Time is flying and there is always something to do… my last week was really intense but also rewarding sooo much.
My 200 hours teacher training passed so quickly, may because we were busy from 7am to 7pm, may because of the great company, may because of the days off passed studying and chilling on the beach, may because I just enjoyed every moment of it. By the way my phone is back alive!!!! So you will get some pictures this time ;)

I had a couple of moments during the last month where the feelings had the best over me, in a space like this, where you work daily on yourself, on your breathing, on meditation, where there is a continuous flowing of energy, and surrounded by people just like you, looking for themselves and supporting each other in this amazing journey, you just surrender and you let go.. It can happen at any time, a world, a song, may a hug or a pose, during meditation or a sharing circle, or perhaps during philosophy class.
The Teacher Team
When something has to come out it will and when you crash in tears in between people that are supporting, hugging, caring about you it feels so safe that may finally you will be able to let go. Perhaps not everything, but every time the load becomes lighter and may one day we will all be free :D I wish for everybody of you to feel safe to let go with supporting people around you. I'm really thankful to all my teachers and yogi(ni) mate that I met on this journey, I learned so much and will be always grateful for this awesome experience.On Thursday we had our closing ceremony, and as the tradition ask for, everybody in white for honour the path to enlightenment that may Yoga brings in our daily life.
I decided to stay some days more here in South Goa for settle down all the new knowledge, organise my notes and stuff, enjoy the sea and the beach before heading to my next destination. Yesterday we had a Henna Tatoo session in our small beach resort, and I got this awesome hand tattoo done by one of my new Yogini friends, it was her first, but I seriously think she can integrate it in her Yoga Bussiness, aren't you agree? :D
Everyday somebody of as is leaving but I know that I will see you again one day and if not you will always be in my heart. As Richard Bach says:

''Can Miles Truly Separate Us From Friends? 
If You Want To Be With Somebody, Aren't You Already There?'' 

(There' no such a place as far away)

I will write something more about my next step in the next days. For now enjoy the relax and chilling present that i did myself for Christmas… Sea, Sand and Sun…

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