Thursday, 11 December 2014

Almost done ;)

Hello everybody!! Sorry for not showing up lately but I had an extreme busy and intense time over here!!
Last week we had to prepare our first Vinyasa group class and it took away quite a bit of time... On Sunday I dropped my phone in the sea and I still don't now if it will come back alive... Shit happens... But let's move on ;)
This Saturday we have an Ashtanga Group Teaching Class so we got homework this week too... I really feel that I miss time for everything. There is so much to learn, to study, to discuss, to discover... plus eventually all the personal work on our selves... It is a lot to digest.
Next week we have our final exam... I will be teaching a Shivananda class together with other 4 girls, I'm already excited :D
Today we had a philosophy class and I had such a good laugh. Hope to be able to post soon a picture from my teacher, his sense of humor is so special and easygoing that you can only love him. Achieving enlightment is one of the most topics in his classes, for a Yogi the top floor is Samadhi, reconnecting with the true self, with the God in ourselves. Today he was writing on the board and suddenly the pencil stopped working and he just played it down with a natural: "It got enlighted!" It was hilarious and it is so nice that a such intelligent and great almost Guru has so a cute, child like sense of humor.
As soon I will have some time I will update my 'on the mat' page and share with you all the amazing stuff I came across in this amazing Course. There is so much knowledge around the world and so many beautiful theories and studies that probably 100 lifetimes wouldn't be enough to know everything.
Sorry if I don't publish any pictures but I am still waiting to bring my phone back to life, cross fingers!!!
Next Thursday we will have the closing ceremony and after I will enjoy some days on the beach with my new yogi and yogini mates :)  I'm telling you know because this weekend I will probably have a busy time preparing my final exam and class and don't know if I will be able to update you... Sooo wish me good luck!!

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