Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Journey

I arrived.. yeahhhh… Actually I never doubted it but somehow it is still special. It is the begin of a long journey within and without myself ;)
The first flight was quite emotional because I just said goodbye to my mum at the airport. The second one was it because was my first flight on a Boing 777 and I discovered the personal touch screen in front of every seat and I just watched couple of movies in row :). During the first two flight I had a meal as well. At the booking time I choosed the 'Vegetarian Asiatic Meal' and it was the right choice :D I got two completely Vegan Dishes... Amazing *.*
The third one was bringing me at destination so pure excitement even if I was totally tired.
After a 25 hours journey I finally landed in Goa, firs impression: hot, hot and hot :D wow it is summer! Almost too much if I think that I have to practice Yoga everyday all day long, but they say you get used to it… (let's hope it :) )
I went to the passport control, you actually have to fill up a couple of forms, on one of them they ask you lots of question about your luggage (in case you have to declare something) and one question was if I have any seeds or fruits with me… mmmhhhh.. my hand luggage was actually just full of electronic devices and food… which food? 4 of those small kitchen freezer bags, that actually aren't that small, full of nuts, seeds and dry fruits plus a couple of apples and mandarins… hahaha I seriously didn't know what to write down. Everything was just for human consumption but will they believe it? It just reminds me that my mum told me about countries where they where scared about illness imported by seeds or plants… shall I thick no? But if after they find out with the x ray and they check it and I lied about it may I finish in jale… Now i can smile about it, but i was seriously thinking about it :P
 At the and I ticked Yes, that means I had to pass from the Red Exit (stuff to declare). When I said why I was there he just ask me: 'small quantities right?' And I was like: 'Sure, just for me!' 'Go, go' and that how it end the story ;) Now you may want to know why I had all that stuff on me.. I was kinda scared to not find stuff to eat at the airport, and while i was packing some small stuff my mum just filled the bags up and because they suggest you to avoid raw food down here some extra dry fruits could just be great.
After my not declaration I went out, and there where a lots of people waiting for people and I was checking all those white boards with names on but couldn't fine mine one. I text up my contact and few minutes after showed up this guy looking for me.. let's go :)
 We passed the airport traffic quiet quickly and went to pick up an other girl in town for then finally heading to the Yoga School. The way was longer than I thought, more or less 90 minutes, but I enjoyed every single moment. Life here is just something we are not used to, and the crowd of cars and motorcycles even in small towns is crazy (on the picture you csn't really see it).
I probably saw more cows in those 90 minutes than in the rest of my entire life.
Sometimes you could spot small tends or huts with giant advertisements on them.. it looks quite weird but it is so fascinating. We didn't really talk that much during that time, surely because we were pretty tired from the trip and because it was a lot to take in being the first time in India for both of us.
Once we reached the school we were relieved to be finally arrived at destination and the trip really worth it. My room is a small wooden hut and I share it with a really nice Swiss girl. That is just awesome because we can talk in Swissgerman and I love that. In between the huts there are lots of mats and sofas where you can chill in the free time, everything placed in between an amazing coconut forest. Then there is the 'restaurant/cafe' which serves us most of the meals, the big Yoga Hall and the smaller Wifi-Relax-Theory room. Sadly we got here when it was already dark but i will post soon some pictures.
Today we met our teachers and I'm really looking forward to start the practice tomorrow :)
For the moment this is it. Hope to update you soon again.

With Love



  1. That sounds just amazing! Looking forward to read the next post... Good Luck! :)