Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Packing... Help!! :)

Yes, the moment arrived.. the nightmare begins. I never thought that packing my backpack could be so tuff. My mind is full of everything I will may need in the next months but somehow it doesn't fit. It is like if my mind has become my backpack and I'm trying endlessly to fit everything in it but there is too much things to think about it and It is impossible to stay lucid enough to decide what do bring and what don't. My backpack has a capacity of 60 litres and I don't have any idea if it is gonna be the perfect size for my trip. I checked several blogs and websites but everybody is different and has different needs. I will discover it on my way :)
But lets start.. I thought the biggest part of my luggage would be my electronic stuff but I was wrong, anyway it still is a big part of it. Of course i can't make it without my tablet+keyboard, otherwise no updates on my blog, second but still important… my phone, then it is time for my marvellous camera and my mp3 player, definitely I can't forget my hard disk, you never know how many interesting people with interesting things you could meet. All of this lovely accessories of course need a charger, luckily lots of them have the same plug in :) and i will bring my portable charger too so hopefully i will never run out of power ;). 

Even if I'm up with an adventure trip I can not leave my silk epil at home and with it comes the essential toiletries too. Toothbrush, soap, coconut oil, sun block, mosquito repellent oil, aloe vera gel, toothpaste (I use a eggplant carbon and salt powder),  vinegar (my conditioner), tweezers, tea tree oil, my rescue remedy (Bach Flower combination) and some 'first aid' stuff so mama is happy too ;). 
Some useful tools like a swiss boxcutter and a head lamp finished in my backpack too. And the rest are 4 pair of shoes, clothes (primary for warm weather countries), a yoga mat, a square cotton liner, a inflatable pillow, a lap robe, a notebook with pen, a couple of shawls, a padlock, mini sewing kit, my wallet, tickets and passports. Hope I mentioned everything.
I will let you know on my way if my packing was ideal or not, and if I would leave something at home next time and maybe pack something else instead.

For now...
...I have just to catch the plane!!! 😁

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