Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Less than one week

In a week I will be on my way to India. Many of you already know big part of my trip but lots don't, so I will give you some details already, at least you can start to dream with me.
My first stage will be in Goa, South India. I will follow a Yoga Teacher Training Course for about a month to become a Yoga Teacher. Teaching is not my dream yet but i would love to go deeper in my Yoga practice, be able to correct my Asanas (postures) and create my own classes according to my daily mood and need. I will be studying Yoga Practice and Theory every day in a beautiful environment. The school I will be visiting is located in a coconut forest, approximately 10 minutes from the amazing beaches of Palolem.
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 I am sooo looking forward! As soon I will get there I will post lots of pictures for you too :-)
There is a small restaurant close to the resort where I will be eating most of the time. Their menu offers a lot of vegan option as well as Gluten and Wheat free dishes.
Sundays I will be free for explore Nature, shooting pics for you and enjoying the Arabian Sea.
Sooo are you dreaming a bit with me? I feel like I'm in love. I started to plan this trip months ago and now it is becoming reality. Only the thought of it let me feel butterflies in my stomach.
I feel like it will be a big change in my life, I will be looking for myself and discovering my true self. This will be so an inspirational trip and it will let me see part of the world and of myself I wasn't aware of. I promise that I will do my best to update you and keep trace of this marvellous travel.


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